Tire Machine Faults&Slove

1.The working disk does not move.

Overhaul idea: First of all to distinguish between circuit fault or mechanical fault. Tire changer price

Maintenance method:

(1) Step down or lift the reverse switch foot, observe the motor reaction, if there is no reaction, use a multimeter to measure the reverse switch, voltage between terminals is normal, abnormal check the power supply line or power plug, if the voltage is normal, use a multimeter to measure the reverse switch terminal and terminal in step down and lift the power switch foot, voltage is normal, if not normal, Reverse switch is broken, if normal, motor or capacitor is broken.

(2) If the motor has a buzz, but can not turn, the measurement method is the same as above. If the measurement result is not normal, the inverted beginning is bad. If it is normal, rotate the gearbox pulley by hand. If it cannot be turned by hand, the gearbox has a fault.

(3) If the motor can rotate normally and the working disk does not rotate, it should be the transmission fault, such as: the transmission belt wheel does not drive the worm rotation: worm gear collapse, etc.

2.Inability to remove tires.

Maintenance method: when removing/tire, observe the working condition of the motor. If the tire can not be rotated, it indicates that the motor torque is too small or the capacitor is faulty. If the motor can rotate, but the pulley is skidded indicating that the belt is too loose, just tighten the belt.

3.The jaw can not be caught in the steel ring.

Maintenance method: check whether the air pressure meets the requirements of the manual, if it meets the requirements, check the leakage or channeling, if there is no leakage and channeling, channeling phenomenon is the claw concentric high is not good.

4.Big cylinders can't press tires.

Overhaul idea: if it is weak pressure (including no load when the big cylinder can be active, the pressure is not loose), generally low pressure, air leakage, big cylinder gas channel, if no load big cylinder can not move, generally compressed air is not added in the big cylinder tire end.

A. Check whether the air supply pressure meets the requirements of the manual, if it meets the requirements to check whether the large cylinder leaks, check the gas pipe at both ends of the control cylinder, connect the air source, one of the two pipes on the five-way valve should have gas out, when stepping on the pressure tire foot, the other pipe should have gas out, if not normal, should change the five-way valve or adjust the installation position of the five-way valve, Make it work properly.

B. If the five-way valve is normal, connect the air pipe of the reset end. It is normal that no gas comes out on the nozzle of the working end of the tire pressure. If there is gas, it means that the big cylinder piston is cracked or the sealing ring is worn.

C. Check the air pressure: use the barometer to check whether the air pressure of the inlet end of the oil mist device meets the requirements of the manual. If the air pressure of the inlet end is not enough, increase the air supply of the air compressor. If the air pressure of the inlet end meets the requirements, the air pressure of the outlet end is not enough, adjust the pressure regulating knob of the oil mist device.

5.Remove the tire head to scrape the ring to eat the tire: the main reasons are:

(1) hexagonal pin lock is not tight.

(2) The dismounting head screw is loose or the direction is wrong.

(3) Large clearance between hexagonal column and hexagonal set.

Maintenance method:

(1) hexagonal column lock is not tight adjustment: first loosen 2, use the hexagonal key to turn the screw 1, and then tighten 2, repeatedly adjust to push 3 in place, can lock the hexagonal column so far.

(2) The adjustment of the loose screw of the disassembly head: see the manual drawing. First install tight (not too tight) screws, and then install the screws. When installing the screws, install a medium sized tire, let the tire head roller lean against the steel ring, turn the direction of the tire head to make it consistent with the arc of the steel ring, and then tighten.

(3) If the hexagonal column is pulled by hand and the swing is large, the rocker arm should be replaced.

6.The claw does not open or close:

Check not without air leakage, check whether the five-way spool jumps out of the foot fork, if the above is normal, check the rotary distribution valve is not without gas channeling, remove the rotary distribution valve connected to the gas pipe of the small cylinder, in the foot is not stepped down or completely stepped down, the rotary distribution valve connected to the gas pipe of the small cylinder only one of them has gas out, In any case, the two gas pipes are not at the same time as the phenomenon of the rotating valve channeling gas, if the above parts are no problem, check the raking part, claw seat deformation, stuck, square turntable is stuck dead, square turntable is stuck dead, square turntable pin is off.

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