The introduction of tire changer

The classification, structure and operating rules of tire removal machine

Tire changer machine,it is an automobile maintenance equipment that assists disassembly and installation of automobile tires during automobile maintenance, making it more convenient and smooth to disassemble tires in the process of automobile maintenance. At present, there are many kinds of tire removal machines, including pneumatic type and hydraulic type. The most commonly used is the pneumatic tire remover.


Folding according to the power type: pneumatic tire removal machine, hydraulic tire removal machine.

Folding according to the type of use: car special tire removal machine, truck special tire removal machine.


1. The main engine workbench: the tire is mainly dismantled on this platform, mainly plays the role of placing the tire, rotating and so on.

2. Separation arm: On one side of the tire removal machine, it is mainly used to separate the tire from the rim, which is used to remove the tire smoothly.

3. Charging and discharging device: It mainly plays the role of letting off the air of the tire to facilitate inflation or disassembly. In addition, there is a barometer for measuring air pressure. The average tire is around 2.2 atmospheres. It is also equal to 0.2Mpa.

4. Pedal: under the tire removal machine there are 3 pedal switches, respectively, clockwise counterclockwise rotation switch, separation switch, separation rim and tire switch.

5. lubrication fluid: conducive to tire disassembly, reduce the damage in the process of tire removal pile, so that the tire disassembly work is better completed.

6. Compressed air interface.


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