How to take care of a tire changer during the season?

Want to know the basic tire changer maintenance steps? It only takes a few minutes on a daily basis. Other than that, it allows to keep the tyre changer in good condition.

Even the toughest and most reliable tyre changers can break down in the middle of the tyre changing season. The equipment is ready to work with hundreds of tyres every day. However, if your clients don’t provide the right maintenance, it may suddenly stop working. We got a few tips about the right maintenance for tyre changers. Be sure to show it to your customers.

These tips apply to most tyre changers currently available on the market, regardless of their make or model. Keep in mind, though, some models may require special maintenance. So better advise your clients to check that in the users’ manual!

Why is it so important? A tyre service wouldn’t be able to exist without a tyre changer. And some basic maintenance means hassle-free work for years.

Daily maintenance jobs

Before starting to work with the tyre changer, the user should check some basic parts. Here’s a short checklist:

1. Check for loose screws

Make sure to check if all the screws are tight. Also, make sure that the screws in the jaw guiding rails are in place.

2. Check if the moving parts are working well

Make sure they work smoothly. There should not be any obstructions.

3. Check if air hoses have any leaks

There shouldn’t be any. And if there are leaks, the hoses need to be replaced as soon as possible.

4. Check if the electric wires have any damage or wear

In case of any damage on electric wires, it is prohibited to use the machine until the problem is fixed.

Weekly maintenance jobs

The following jobs should be done weekly:

1.Cleaning the vertical head arm (between the coils of the spring).

2.Removing the liquid from the water box.

Monthly maintenance jobs

The following should be done at least once a month:

1.Checking the oil level (in the lubricator).

2.Check if the oil is distributed evenly (one movement of bead breaker = one oil drip from the lubricator).

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