Learn How to Operate Your Tire Changer

Using a tire changer is not a complicated process, as long as you take the time to review the steps needed for the proper operation. It is worthwhile to review the owner’s manual and any other documentation that came with your changer prior to using it. Reviewing this information not only ensures you operate the machine correctly, but also safely.

Three basic procedures you commonly encounter when using a tire changer are breaking the bead, demounting a tire, and mounting a tire. Each procedure can be broken down into several steps, with each step requiring specific tasks to be completed before moving onto the next one.

Breaking the Bead

  1. Remove the valve core.
  2. Break down the bead.

Demounting a Tire

  1. Clamp the tire to the table.
  2. Position the mount/demount head.
  3. Pull the top bead over the mount/demount head.
  4. Raise the tire.
  5. Pull the bottom bead over the mount/demount head.

Mounting a Tire

  1. Apply the tire lube.
  2. Position the tire to mount.
  3. Seat the bead
  4. Inflate the tire.

*It should be pointed out that reviewing “how to” instructions is not the same for each type of shop or situation you might encounter. Further, the tips and suggestions provided are only to illustrate certain functions of a wheel clamp tire changer.It depends on the actual situation.

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