Tyre Changer Fault Finding: Your Troubleshooting Guide

If you have a tyre changer issue then this quick guide may help you identify the problem. If you encounter a snag, there is sometimes a textbook solution. Read our tyre changer troubleshooting guide to find out more.

Turntable only turns one way

Check the pedal is clear to make the full movement. If so, you may be encountering rotation switch issues. We recommend disconnecting from the electric and opening the machine to check for loose wires. If all wires are intact and connected, call for technical support.

Tyre machine won’t spin

If the tyre machine has stopped spinning altogether it could mean that you need to replace the motor – especially if you’ve had the machine for a long time. First, check for physical damages and inspect the wiring connections.

If the motor is turning just fine with your hands and you’re hearing a noise coming from the unit, then you are not experiencing power issues. If the motor unit is completely worn out, you can install a replacement or upgrade your tyre changing machine.

Breaker won’t break bead?

If your tyre machine bead breaker isn’t working, check that the tyre has been fully deflated and the valve core removed. Check pressure of the incoming air supply is at 8bar minimum. Follow routine maintenance regarding oil top-up to ensure the life of the bead breaker seals is optimised.

Machine is scratching rims

If your machine is scratching, remove the existing steel mounting head and replace it with a plastic head. We always recommend using plastic clamping jaw covers and bead breaker covers, especially on alloy rims.

Turntable buzzing but not turning?

If the power supply is OK but the turntable is not turning, it’s possible you have an issue with connections on the capacitor. Disconnect from the electric and open machine to check for loose wires. If all wires are intact and connected, call for technical support.

Turntable is very slow and makes a grinding noise

If the turntable is very slow or makes suspect noises, it can be a sign of a motor or gearbox fault. In this instance, it’s best to call for technical assistance. Ensure completion of routine maintenance to prolong the life of all mechanical components.

Tyre machine leaking air or pedals not operating properly

If you suspect an air leak from the pistons connecting the pedals, disconnect from the electric and air supply and open the machine to check for loose connections on the foot plate. If all pipes are intact and connected, call for technical support.

Digital inflation gauge not displaying anything

Assuming power and air are being fed to the machine, we recommend replacing the battery in the gauge.



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