What Are The Common Vehicle Tire Problems?

What are the common car tire problems?


We all know that once a car has a problem or a malfunction, it will affect the normal use of the car, and car tire problems should not be ignored. Knowing the common car tire problems is good for our safe driving.


1. Steering wheel shaking in a certain speed range


When the car is driven to a certain speed range, a steering wheel shake will occur. This is usually due to a problem with the dynamic balance of the wheels.

In addition, tire bulges, severe tire wear, loose tire parts, and problems with matching wheel center holes are some of the common conditions that can cause wheel shake.


2. Improper steering


The steering wheel is crooked when the car is running straight, and this is often related to the four-wheel alignment. In particular, a single other situation is a damaged chassis suspension component or an aging rubber boot. If a similar situation occurs, it is recommended that you go for a timely inspection.

3. Directional shaking when applying the brakes


This is also a common occurrence and is usually more likely to occur in older cars. Loose steering knuckles and deformed brake discs may cause this, so it is recommended that you visit a mechanic for a detailed inspection.


4. Shaking during acceleration


This is usually caused by the aging of suspension components, with damaged transmission half-shafts and ball cages being the most common. If the car is rear-wheel drive, it may become body shaking, if it is a front-wheel drive, it is mostly steering wheel shaking.


5. Tire pressure


This is the most low-level, but also the most common condition. If there is a significant difference in tire pressure between the left and right sides, it can easily lead to the vehicle running off course. At this point, you may think it's a tire wheel alignment problem. It's important to get into good habits and try to check your tire pressure regularly.

Frequently used car wheel equipment


1. Car wheel aligner

Wireless, no electronic sensor, and components can avoid some questions caused by sensor error. Measurement precision is not affected by the unbalance of the vehicle and car lifts.

The advantage increases the accuracy and reliability of measurement, improves the working efficiency.

2. Wheel balancing machine

Equipped with dynamic and static mode balance, self-calibration, and diagnosis functions. The dual LED display shows the balance value of the inner and outer wheels respectively.

After the measurement is completed, the motor will automatically stop and support multi-language conversion.

3. Car tire changer

car tire changer (changing car tire tools) is a kind of machine used to help tire technicians to remove and install car tires.


The car tire changer is made of a steel plate combination cabinet, with a smoother and corrosion-resistant surface and long service life. Solid structure and beautiful appearance.


Applicable to a wide range of tire sizes, it can help technicians to complete tire dismantling operations more easily. The trapezoidal column base design has excellent overall stability and reliability under high-intensity operation.

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