Two-Post Lift Maintenance

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1.Operation requirements:

  • The lifting arm should be shrunk to the minimum length as far as possible, and the lifting rubber pad should be placed in the middle below the recommended lifting part of the vehicle, and the lifting rubber pad should be adjusted for uniform contact.

  • First, raise the lifting arm to the lifting rubber pad to fully contact the vehicle, and check whether the load is firm.

  • Slowly lift the vehicle from the ground to ensure that the load is balanced, and then lift it to the required working height.

  • Release the up button and lower the vehicle to the safe position for maintenance.

  • Before lowering the vehicle, lift the vehicle first, open the safety insurance, then press the lowering button to slowly lower the vehicle until the lifting arm is at the lowest level, remove the lifting arm and drive out of the vehicle.

2.Maintenance requirements (monthly):



  • Check and retighten the anchor screws.

  • Lubricate the chain / cable with spray lubricant.

  • Check all chains, connectors, bolts and pins to ensure they are reliable and firm.

  • Visually inspect all hydraulic oil pipelines for possible wear.

  •  Check whether the sliding block inside the column is lubricated correctly. Timely replenish high-quality heavy lubricating grease.

All foundation screws should be fully tightened. If any screw fails to work for some reason, the hoist should not be used until the bolt is replaced.

Every six months:

  •  Visually inspect all moving parts for possible wear.

  • Check the lubrication of all pulleys. If the pulley drags during lifting, add an appropriate amount of lubricating oil to the axle.

  • Check and adjust the tension of the balance cable to ensure the horizontal lifting of the hoist.

  • Check the verticality of the column.

The inner corners of each column shall be lubricated with heavy lubricating oil to minimize the friction of the slider and ensure the smooth and uniform lifting of the hoist.


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