Two Post Lift maintenance

1. Two post lift for home garage, gantry lift, scissor lift, main wearing parts, are used for 3 months for the first time, and the hydraulic oil should be replaced once, and then once every 6 months.

2. The chain piece and chain pin are damaged. Chain wheel, chain wheel shaft and shaft sleeve 3 years. The spring shall be 2 years old, the safety hook shall be 3 years old, and the damaged pallet rubber pad shall be repaired in time. The sliding block is normally used for 3 years. The synchronous wire rope must be replaced when the number of broken wires reaches 10 or more than 2 years. The chain pin cotter pin and the chain end joint connecting shaft fixing nut shall be replaced in time if they are easy to loose.

3. The cylinder seal is 2 years. The normal service and replacement period of the sealing element at the oil pipe connection is 2 years. If it is damaged, it shall be replaced in time.

4. Except for the basic maintenance and minor repair items, other cumbersome and cumbersome operations shall not be carried out on the lifter. The lifter shall not rise and fall frequently.

5. If it is found that the operating mechanism is not flexible, the motor is not synchronized, the bracket is uneven or the hydraulic part, it should be reported for repair in a timely manner. It is not allowed to operate with defects, and it should be adjusted and repaired immediately.

6. Regularly drain the water in the lifting cylinder and check the oil quantity. If the oil quantity is insufficient, timely fill the same brand of pressure oil. At the same time, check the lubrication, hoist drive gear and seam strip.

7. Routine maintenance must be carried out by the operator every three months. If the user uses it frequently or in a harsh environment, the user can shorten the maintenance time according to the specific situation. During daily operation, check whether the safety device is sensitive and effective, whether the hydraulic system leaks, whether the oil volume is sufficient, and add grease to the column guide rail.

8. Daily check whether the main and auxiliary safety hooks work flexibly and reliably. Check whether the synchronous wire rope is loose. If it is loose, please tension and fix it.

9. Regularly check the oil volume in the oil tank and replenish the hydraulic oil. Clean the hydraulic system.

10. Clean the oil stain and burr on the column guide rail, check whether the slider is seriously worn, and replace it in time.

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