What to think before buying a two post lift?

When choosing a two-post lift, you can consider things like:
  • Space
    Two-post lifts take up less space than other types of lifts, but you'll need to measure your workshop to make sure it fits. You'll also need at least 80 cm of space between the lift and the walls, and at least 2 m of space between the lift's top and the ceiling. If you have lower ceilings, a floor-plate model might be a better option than an overhead model.
  • Concrete
    You'll also need a concrete slab that's at least four inches deep, but ideally six to twelve inches, to safely install the lift.
  • Weight capacity
    Two-post lifts can have capacities ranging from 6,000 to 30,000 lbs, but the weight of the vehicle might not be evenly distributed. Each of the lift's four telescoping swing arms has its own lifting capacity, so it's important to consider the weight distribution per arm.
  • Safety features
    The lift should be able to lower onto mechanical safety locks. You should also make sure the lift is bolted down.
  • Other factors
    You can also consider things like:
    • Warranty: Warranties can range from one year to 25 years, and some companies might also offer warranties on moving parts and labor
    • Build quality: A better-made machine will last longer
    • Overhead or baseplate: Baseplate lifts are easier to install
    • Reinforcing frame: This can provide stability and lower floor requirements
    • Automatic or semi-automatic: Automatic lifts can be more convenient and save time
    • Certification: The Automotive Lift Institute (ALI) is the only nationally recognized standard for car lifts
    • Customer support: You can read up on customer support and call them to ask questions 
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