Two post lift use precautions and pressure control

When lifting a car with a two post lift, if it is overloaded or negligent when used, it will still cause serious accidents and even personal casualties. Therefore, we should pay attention to the following matters when using a two post lift:

1, The accessories provided by the manufacturer of the two post lift should be used for maintenance, and shall not be replaced or restructured at will; 

2, To lift the front and rear axle load seriously uneven distribution of the car should pay special attention to meet the requirements to load the use; 

3, Lift the car, no one in the car, lift and use, customers and unrelated personnel should be away from the lift; 

4, There should be no obstacles in the lift area, such as grease, rubble, etc. 

5, The car is driven on the lift, should clear the channel, do not pass or impact the lift, connector, axle support, etc., to prevent damage to the lift or car; 

6, When carrying the car should be carefully operated, the support of the lift machine is placed to the lifting machine force contact point recommended by the automobile manufacturer, only when the support point on the car can be raised after the contact is tight.

  When the two post lift lifts the car, the tightness of its contact should be carefully checked, and the car can be lifted to the required working height after the check is qualified. The placement of the car and the use of the lift should be operated by trained and qualified personnel. When the actuator of the two post lift works, the system is required to maintain a certain working pressure and work within a certain pressure range, and some need to adjust the pressure continuously or continuously. How to control it?

1, Generally in the throttle speed regulation system, usually by the quantitative pump oil supply, with the relief valve to adjust the required pressure, and keep constant; 

2, In the volumetric speed regulation system, the variable pump is used for oil supply, and the safety valve is used for safety protection; 

3, In the hydraulic system of the two post lift, sometimes need a small flow of high pressure oil, then you can consider using the booster circuit to get high pressure, rather than a single high pressure pump; 

4, The hydraulic actuator in the working cycle, a certain period of time does not need to supply oil, and it is inconvenient to stop the pump, need to consider the choice of unloading circuit; 

5, In a part of the system, the working pressure needs to be lower than the main shaft source pressure, to consider the use of decompression loop to obtain the required working pressure.

Tip: The pressure control of the lifting platform of the two post lift is fed by the quantitative pump, and the required pressure is adjusted by the relief valve, and is kept constant.

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