Using the lifting machine steps

Necessary equipment for maintenance, but novice car maintenance may not be available. Here, we will introduce you to the operating procedures of the lift. I hope you can learn how to use the lift correctly. Type of landing: according to function and shape, elevators can be divided into three types, namely, two post lift  , four post lift  and shear function can be divided into four-wheel positioning type and flat type.

The application of two post lift is electro-hydraulic or electric chain traction, and the column is fixed. It is suitable for professional maintenance of cars and light vehicles below  The four post lift uses electro-hydraulic or electric chain traction, with switch operation, which is convenient for lifting. The quality can be improved to meet the maintenance needs of trucks and other large vehicles with good stability. The disadvantage is that it takes up large space and is suitable for the use of scissors type lifts in comprehensive garage, as shown in the figure. The main features of the scissor lift are small volume, good safety performance and pressure working system. It needs to be equipped with a compressed air source, which is suitable for various applications. Shear lift Some floors are not suitable for installing two post lifts and ordinary four post lifts, but this machine has a wide contact with the ground, so it can be installed on any floor that can be driven to solve the customer's on-site problems. Compared with the two post lifts and four post lifts, the biggest advantages of the scissor lift is that it does not take up space and is easy to use. The disadvantage is that the requirements for oil supply balance are very strict, and the control box needs to be equipped, which is expensive.

Operation procedure of lift: The lifting machine is used to lift the car from the ground to a certain height. Lift is often used for vehicle maintenance, such as chassis repair, oil change, tire change, etc. According to function and shape, elevators can be divided into single column type, double column type, four column type and scissor type elevators. This article introduces the most common use method of the two post rocker lift.

① Turn on the power knob of the lift.

② Lower the winch to the lowest position and push the swing arm to extend straightly to both sides to facilitate the vehicle to enter this position.

③ Drive the vehicle to a proper position and adjust the vehicle so that the center of gravity of the vehicle is as close to the center of the crane as possible. Then apply the parking brake and park the vehicle.

④ Slowly turn the swing arm and tray to the appropriate position of the vehicle, adjust the length of the swing arm and extend it to the appropriate position.

⑤ Adjust the tray to a proper height, keep the vehicle level, and align the tray slot with the body support point accurately. For the four supporting points, this position is usually reinforced with steel plates, which can withstand greater force.

⑥ Press the up button to lift the vehicle until the tire is off the ground, shake the vehicle to ensure its stability. Step 2: Start the winch. After the fulcrum contacts with the vehicle, recheck the position of the fulcrum. After confirmation, lift the vehicle 300mm above the ground.

⑦ When lifting the vehicle, the staff should leave the vehicle. It is strictly forbidden to stand under the elevator. When lifting to the required height, the safety lock pin must be inserted to ensure safety and reliability before starting operation under the vehicle.

Before lowering the vehicle, lift the vehicle, open the safety lock pin, and then press the lowering button to slowly lower the vehicle until the lifting arm is at the lowest position. Remove the lifting arm and drive out of the vehicle. Precautions when using the lift

The total vehicle mass cannot be greater than the lift capacity of the lift.) According to the different vehicle types and parking positions, try to make the center of gravity of the trolley close to the center of gravity of the winch, rotate, stretch and adjust the lifting arm to the designated position of the car chassis with a rabbit deviation,so that it can be firmly contacted.

Before starting the car, the operator should check the doubts of the people around the car to prevent accidents

When the car is lifted, recheck the fulcrum when the car is off the ground at a lower position, and lift it to the required height if there is no abnormality.

Do not walk under the elevator, and do not lift both sides of all maintenance machines at the same time. I believe that we all know more or less that the introduction of elevator operation steps can help us.


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