The correct use of car lift

The lubricating platform equipment of the car lift directly affects various mechanisms, and is related to the normal operation of the car during the stable period and the suspension of safety production.

Maintenance when using vehicle lifts

1. Regularly check whether the function is normal and whether abnormalities are found in time.

2. Regularly check whether the working pressure of the hydraulic system is normal, and remove it once found.

Check whether the operators use the equipment according to the operating procedures, and provide timely guidance when finding problems.

1. Each person of the main structure and type lifting platform shall have a comprehensive inspection.

2. Confirm all connection points, especially the connection sparks between the guide rail frame and the guide rail workbench, pay close attention to them, and no looseness is allowed.

3. The service life of maintenance is 6 months and it is safe to use.

4. Safe use and maintenance period of electrical appliances: 3-5 months

5. Frequently check the up and down travel switches of the electric roller shutter door of the vehicle lifting platform, add notes to the recipe, and maintain a healthy and good operation. In addition, the operator manually controls the roller shutter door, checks the operation of the equipment, and checks the up and down travel. Switch position, so that the electric roller shutter door is in the correct position when it is opened or closed. During the inspection, the electric roller shutter door shall be fully prevented from upside down. In case of emergency, cut off the power supply immediately, stop the vehicle, stop the platform operation, and contact the maintenance personnel.

Vehicle lift  troubleshooting

1. The lifting speed of the vehicle lifting platform slows down. Please adjust the overflow valve by yourself. After adjusting the safety valve, the lifting speed does not increase, but the vehicle lifting cargo elevator no longer stops running.

2. Improper use or aging, the guide rail elevator has been slowed down when used for dirt. After the speed slows down, first consider the hydraulic oil flow. The factors affecting the hydraulic oil flow include: hydraulic pipeline, hydraulic valve, hydraulic oil pump, motor speed regulating device, etc.

3. The overflow valve is generally set in the center of the pump station with a regulating valve. It is to prevent excessive pressure of hydraulic system and protect the setting of hydraulic system. It is dangerous to simply set the relief valve. If the pressure in the oil cylinder or oil pipe is too high, it may lead to serious failure of bursting. The rail elevator and freight elevator customer stopped due to the self regulating overflow fault.

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