The function of four wheel aligner

1. Vehicle four-wheel aligner function

Four-wheel positioning instrument is a high-precision measuring instrument used to test the main parameters of four-wheel positioning and compare with the main parameters of the original design scheme. After obtaining the main parameters of four-wheel positioning, the relative main parameters must be adjusted according to the requirements of the original design scheme, to achieve the dream of car driving characteristics, such as light control, stable and reliable running, reduce tire offset wear.

2. Car four-wheel positioning reason

Cars going straight will run off in the wrong direction; Abnormal tire damage is found, such as tire damage on one side or convex and concave, feather damage; When the steering disk is too heavy, too light and fast driving steering disk trembling; Remove and change tire, steering rod and shock absorber and other spare parts; After an impact safety accident.

3. The whole process of vehicle four-wheel positioning

Prepare in advance:

(1)Drive the car into the lift. Before the car drives in, clamp the corner plate with the clamping pin to avoid its rotation; Put the car on the lift so that the front tires sit right on the corner management center; When the car comes to a stop, tighten the brakes and place the wedge in the rear tire to keep the car in place.

(2) Check the car chassis parts, including buffer block, rolling bearing, shock absorber, support rod ball is loose or damaged, check the tire pressure standards and specifications, check whether the deep tire pattern is consistent and whether there are stones. If abnormal phenomena are detected, effective measures should be taken to ensure the accuracy of accurate measurement results.

(3) Open the computer and enter the main interface of the measurement system.

4. Install monitoring targets.

When installing, pay attention to 2 small clips on the front tire rim, 2 large clips on the rear tire, and make sure that the fixture is perpendicular to the target and directly facing the surveillance camera.

(4)After the four targets are installed, click "Management Information System - Target monitoring" on the main interface to enter the target monitoring page, and lift the car to make the four targets appear in a reasonable range. After the car lifts in time, it is necessary to press the commercial insurance button of the lock gear of the lift machine immediately to ensure that the lift machine is fixed and the safety of the staff.

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