Four wheel aligner maintenance

With the development and innovation of the automotive industry and related industries, the traditional four-wheel aligner can no longer meet the needs of the public.

Among them, the maintenance of 3D four-wheel aligners often needs to start from the details, because the details often determine the success or failure of one thing, and it is no exception for the four-wheel aligner.

Its details are often related to the life of the use, 3D four wheel alignment as a product of the era, is a good thing for the car owners, but we still need to start from the details of its maintenance.


1.Electrical safety of equipment

Users using 3D locator equipment are best equipped with a small voltage regulator to achieve voltage stability, reduce and ensure the loss of electronic components of the device; if there is a frequent power outage problem, in order to consider the security of the data, it is recommended to give The computer is configured with a UPS power supply.

2.Dustproof and waterproof treatment of main components of equipment

Because the 3D locator device is composed of precision components, waterproof and moisture proof is especially important. At the same time, the accumulation of dust inside the computer may also cause the computer to react slowly, unable to start, blue screen and other faults, so the dustproof treatment of the above components must be done well, and the chassis door panel should be closed in time after the positioning device is used.


3.3D target and fixture maintenance precautions

After use, the target is hung back to the chassis and wiped with a soft dry cloth to avoid surface scratches. If the claws of the clamps are severely worn, they must be replaced to avoid scratching the rims; grease the Jig screw and Slider of the clamps regularly to ensure their flexibility.


4.The overall requirements of the equipment working environment

Pay attention to the temperature and humidity of the environment: the ideal working temperature of the computer is 5 °C-35 °C, the ambient humidity is too low or too high, it is easy to cause normal startup and frequent crashes. The ideal working humidity is 30%-80%. If the humidity is too high, it will easily cause a short circuit. If it is too low, it will easily generate static electricity, and it will be well ventilated and cooled.

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