About Wheel Alignment Machine


3D WheelAlignment Machine is a precision measuring instrument, which is used to check the main parameters of automobile wheel alignment, compare them with the main parameters designed by the original factory, and guide users to adjust the main parameters of 3D Wheel Alignment Machine accordingly to meet the requirements of the original design, so as to achieve the desired driving performance of the automobile, that is, convenient operation, stable and reliable driving, and reduce tire eccentric wear. During the inspection, 3D Wheel Alignment Machine first measures the main parameters of the current four-wheel alignment of the vehicle, and then the computer automatically compares them with the stored values of the corresponding models to calculate the deviation value of the four-wheel alignment of the vehicle. The repairman can return to the original state after correcting according to the instructions of the calibrator.



Improve control

Keeping the tires in normal condition is certainly a very good solution for safe driving. After the four-wheel alignment adjustment, the driving maneuverability can be guaranteed accordingly. In an emergency, the tire has enough grip to try to follow the driver's driving trajectory. Although this is only an emergency, driving itself is a necessary danger. If you can make a corresponding judgment at a dangerous time, I believe your safety will be fully guaranteed.

Low fuel consumption

Obviously, the fuel consumption decreases with the decrease of the rolling friction coefficient of the tire. After the four-wheel alignment adjustment, the car can drive along a good track, reducing the wind resistance to a certain extent, of course, the fuel consumption will be shortened accordingly. Moreover, with the standard tire pressure value, the tire can not only maintain the best grip effect, but also minimize the friction between the tire and the ground, so as to achieve the effect of killing two birds with one stone.

Ensure safety

If the tires are good, the safety factor will be greatly improved. I think that after the adjustment of the four-wheel alignment, the maintenance technician will also check the condition of the vehicle suspension system and other components, so as to judge whether the tires have a bad relationship with the chassis system. If any abnormality is found, not only the tire will be optimized, but also the chassis will be repaired accordingly. In this way, the wear degree of corresponding parts can be judged by the tire, and the potential safety hazards can be found as soon as possible and completely eliminated.

Four wheel alignment, of course, is the corresponding repair items that need to be done when the four wheels fail. If nothing happens, it still needs to be positioned, and the effect may be counterproductive. After the four wheelsets are centered, the tires can maintain the best angle with the body, improving the grip while ensuring comfort. Of course, if the four-wheel alignment is not done well when the car is abnormal, it will not only have a great relationship with the safety factor, but also greatly reduce the life of the tire. The price of tires ranges from hundreds to thousands of dollars. If you don't care about tires, you will lose a lot of money.

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