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Why is Wheel Alignment Important?

It is crucial to align the suspension system of your vehicle so that the wheels are centered and pointing straight, contacting the road surface at an optimal angle. Proper wheel alignment saves the tires from unnecessary damage and elongates their life by adjusting their angulation. It also ensures improved control of the vehicle and enhances driving stability. Adequately aligned tires will face less resistance, require less power for moving, and, consequently, enhances fuel efficiency.

What damage can Bad Alignment do?

Misaligned wheels are not only a safety risk for the driver, but they jeopardize other components of the vehicle too. The tread of the tires starts to wear off if they spin at an irregular angle. Inefficient tires require more power for functioning, which increases the consumption of fuel. Wheels misalignment can damage the steering system of the vehicle as the driver needs more force to control the vehicle. The suspension system and brakes are also damaged due to unnecessary stress while driving with misaligned wheels.

Is it time for Wheel Alignment ?

Poor wheel alignment presents itself in the form of signs and symptoms that should urge the operator to visit an auto body repair facility and have the wheels aligned. These signs are:

uneven wear on the tires

the steering wheel is askew

the vehicle goes to one side while driving straight

squealing tires

shaking of the steering wheel

If you suspect any alignment issues in your vehicle or come across any of the symptoms mentioned above, give Autokato a call to get precise wheel alignment for your vehicle from our experts.Autokato is a professional and trusted choice for quality automotive care. We guarantee the use of quality repair parts to put your vehicle on the road in no time.

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