Wheel Alignment-You should know

Everything from road wear, potholes and accidents can knock a vehicle out of alignment and wheel alignment service is something you shouldn’t put off. Alignment service ensures proper vehicle handling, and it can save you the hundreds of dollars it would cost you to replace tires due to premature tread wear. When a vehicle is out of alignment, it also adds stress to the structure and steering equipment.

What is Wheel Alignment Service?

Wheel alignment service includes several tasks, including adjusting the vehicle’s suspension (connects the vehicle to the wheels). A proper wheel alignment involves adjusting the angle of the tires to the manufacturer’s specifications, affecting how they contact the road.

Benefits of Wheel Alignment Service

Maintaining your tire alignment is crucial for several reasons, including the following:

•Boosts vehicle safety

•Increases fuel efficiency

•Enables a smooth and steady driving experience

•Helps prevent excessive tire wear that leads to premature replacement

•Helps avoid expensive repairs or replacement of steering and suspension parts caused by premature or uneven wear 

Different Types of Alignment

The different types of alignments provided today include four wheels, front-end, and thrust angle.

•Four Wheel Alignment: All four wheels/axles are adjusted so that they’re parallel to each other, the thrust angle of the vehicle, and the ground.

•Front End Alignment:
With a front-end alignment, only the front axle’s angles are assessed and adjusted. Front-end alignments are okay for some vehicles that feature a solid rear axle, however, verifying that the front tires are precisely positioned in front of the rear tires is important.

•Thrust alignment:
A thrust alignment is when the front wheels of the vehicle are aligned with the rear axle. A mismatch in alignment can cause undue stress on the vehicle’s wheels and suspension system, in addition to reducing power and the chances of receiving good gas mileage.

Having an accurate wheel alignment is critical when it comes to balancing the tread wear and performance. Professional wheel alignment services can save money, improver performance, and improve safety.

Additional reasons you may need an alignment include the following:

•After an accident, collision, or because you hit a sizeable pothole

•Replacement of steering parts or the suspension

•You feel the vehicle pulls to one side while driving on a smooth, straight road

•Steering feels unstable or too loose

•You feel a vibration in the steering wheel

•Tires squeal on turns

•Tires are wearing unevenly

•After buying a new set of tires

When it’s time to get your wheels aligned, don’t settle for less than perfect wheel alignment service. 

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