Wheel balancing machine use and maintenance

Wheel Balancing machine is used to determine the unbalance of the rotor instrument, according to the measurement results for correction, in order to improve the balance of the rotor mass distribution, so that the rotor running when the journal vibration or acting on the bearing force to reduce to the specified range. For the daily maintenance of the car, the role of the balancing machine can not be ignored, I do not know how much understanding of the balancing machine. Now take you to look at the use of balancing machine and maintenance precautions, I hope to help you.

Repair and maintenance

Car maintenance to teach you the specific operating steps of the tire dynamic balancing machine are as follows:
1. Remove the soil, stone and old balance block from the wheel under test;
2. Check the tire pressure and fill it to the specified value if necessary;
3. Select the cone according to the size of the center hole of the rim, install the wheel carefully, and tighten it with large pitch nuts;
4. Open the power switch of the wheel balancer and check whether the panel of the indicator and control device is correctly indicated;
5. Use calipers to measure the rim width L, rim diameter D(can also be read from the tire side), with the balance machine ruler to measure the rim edge to the chassis distance A, and then use the method of keying or selector knob alignment measurement values, the A, D, L value into the indication and control device;
6. Put down the wheel shield, press the start button, wheel rotation, balance test starts, automatic data collection;
7. After the wheel stops automatically or after hearing "DI" sound, press the stop button and operate the brake device to stop the wheel, read the inner and outer unbalance and unbalanced position of the wheel from the indicating device;
8. Lift the wheel guard and slowly turn the wheel with your hands. When the indicating device issued instructions (sound, indicator light, brake, display lattice or display detection data, etc.) when the rotation stops. On the upper part of the inside or outside of the rim (clock 12 o 'clock position) add an indicator indicating the side balance mass. The inside and outside are respectively carried out, and the balance block should be firmly loaded;
9. If new unbalance may occur after the installation of the balance block, the balance training should be re-conducted until the unbalance is <5g(0.3oz) and the indicating device shows "00" or "OK". When the unbalance difference is about 10G, such as along the rim edge to move the balance block a certain Angle, will be able to obtain satisfactory results;
10. After the test, turn off the power switch.
Car maintenance to teach you the maintenance of the car balancing machine precautions:
1. It is necessary to scrub the balancing machine often, adhere to the balancing machine cleaning, the guide rail surface should be kept clean, and often coated with oil rust prevention;
2. Supporting block or roller appearance should adhere to cleaning, prohibited adhesion of iron filings, dust debris, before each operation should wipe the supporting block or roller and rotor journal, plus a small amount of lubricating oil;
3. When moving the support frame, the rotor should be transformed or the left and right support frame should move together at the same speed to avoid scratches and wear on the surface of the journal and roller, and the rotor is not allowed to be hit or hit on the roller frame;
4 winter because the temperature is low, in the below zero degree computer system accidental slower to return to the normal appearance, does not affect the normal use of the balance machine.
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