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About Car Lift  Daily Use

During the daily repeated use of the car lift for home garage, the body parts may have some faults due to the long-term impact of the load. If the faults are not cleared in time, they will pose a threat to life and property. What are the common symptoms? How can we solve the problem?


Abnormal sound of car lift


  1. It may be the lifting overload.

Solution: check the lifting weight.

  1. It may be that the motor fixing bolts are loose.

Solution: tighten the bolts.

  1. There may be a lack of lubricating oil at the slider.

Solution: add lubricating oil.


Lifting machine does not car lift


  1. There may be air in the oil.

Solution: loosen the exhaust screw and tighten it after exhausting the air.

  1. It may be that the hydraulic oil solidifies.

Solution: drain the hydraulic oil and refill it with qualified hydraulic oil.

  1. It may be the solution of hydraulic oil leakage.

Solution: check whether all pipe fittings are tightened and whether the oil seal of the oil cylinder is deformed and warped.

  1. It may be that the motor reverses.

Solution: compare with the circuit diagram in the motor, and check whether the wiring is correct.

  1. It may be that the motor doesn't turn.

Solution: the motor is broken. Replace the motor fuse. The limit switch is broken. Replace the limit switch.


External oil leakage of car lift


  1. It may be that the connection is loose.

Solution: retighten the connection of pipe fittings.

  1. It may be that the exhaust valve at the top of the oil cylinder is loose.

Solution: tighten the exhaust valve.

  1. It may be the oil leakage at the oil cylinder seal.

Solution: replace the sealing element.

  1. It may be that the vent hole leaks oil.

Solution: the internal seal of the hydraulic cylinder fails. Replace the seal.

  1. It may be that there is too much oil.

Solution: the oil flows out of the container and the oil volume is appropriately reduced.

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