Tire changers and balancers Maintenance

How to maintain the Tire Changer and Wheel Balancer Machine?

Tire changer and Wheel balancer combo can be said to be necessary equipment, but have you maintained these two machines every day? Do you know how to maintain them? I specially summarized some maintenance skills, hoping to help you!


Katool Tire changer manchine  maintenance

  1. Check the level of lubricating oil every 15 days. If the level is lower than the minimum mark, fill it in time. Adjust the amount of lubricating oil to avoid too much or too little;
  2. Regularly (about half a year) disassemble the large cylinder and small cylinder, wipe the cylinder barrel clean, check whether there is rust (if there is a small amount of rust, use the finest sandpaper to remove the rust), and then apply butter;
  3. Irregularly check the tightness of the screws (the fixing screws of the bird head, the locking screws of the swing arm and the fixing screws of the boat under the big plate); Some auto tire changer machine bird heads are protected by grinding blocks or plastic. Before using the tire changer balancer every day, check whether the grinding blocks on the bird heads are worn out. If they are worn out, replace them in time.
  4. Always grease the places where there is friction during sports (such as between the connecting rod of large and small cylinders and the small boat and the big plate);
  5. Keep the large plate and bird head of the tire raking auto tire changer machine clean;
  6. Connect a ground wire to the tire raking machine body to prevent leakage of the tire changer tools.
  7. It is recommended to install the tire changer tools at least 500mm away from the wall, and do not place the tire changer equipment in an open place or too wet place;
  8. Check whether the heavy duty truck tire changer is firmly fixed.


Katool Wheel balancer machine  maintenance

  1. During the use of the car wheel balancing, the contact between the tire and the balancer shaft should be reduced as much as possible to prevent the balancer shaft from being deformed. When the wheel balancer tools is moving, do not move the shaft to prevent deformation of the balancing machine shaft;
  2. The inside of the wheel tire balancer is mainly composed of circuit boards, so we should do a good job in moisture-proof work of the wheel balancer machine, especially in the summer with more rain;
  3. Avoid that the tire changers and balancers is not used. After it is placed for a period of time, it can be directly powered on for use, which will cause the power board or computer board to burn down due to the moisture return of the circuit board in the wheel balancer; In this case, the power board and computer board inside should be removed, dried with a hair dryer, and then placed in a cool and ventilated place for a few days, and then connected for use;
  4. It is necessary to clean the dust on the power board and computer board to prevent the moisture in the air from adsorbing on the dust, forming a short circuit, causing the power board or computer board to burn; When cleaning flanges, screws and bearings, clean them with neutral detergent;
  5. Always check whether the circuit of the balancing machine is loose;
  6. A ground wire should be connected to the balancing machine body to prevent electric leakage of the balancing machine;
  7. After a period of time, the manufacturer's personnel should be allowed to calibrate the accuracy.



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