Katool Balancing Machine Use

Wheel Balancing machine introduce and matters needing attention before use.


Katool balancing machine is an instrument used to measure the imbalance of the rotor. Wheel tire balancer is a hard supported balancing machine with great swing frame stiffness.

The measurement results of the dynamic balancing machine are used to correct the imbalance of the rotor, so as to reduce the vibration generated during rotor rotation or the vibration acting on the bearing to the allowable range, so as to achieve the purpose of reducing vibration, improving performance and improving product quality. An unbalanced rotor generates a pressure on its supporting structure and the rotor itself during its rotation, which leads to vibration. Therefore, the dynamic balance of the rotor is very necessary. The balancing machine is to carry out the dynamic balance comparison of the rotor in the rotating state.

The functions of dynamic balance are: 1. Improve the quality of the rotor and its components; Reduce noise; 2. Reduce vibration. 3. Improve the service life of supporting parts (bearings). 4. Reduce the discomfort of users. 5. Reduce the power consumption of products.


Pneumatic torque wrench is a kind of torque wrench with high-pressure air pump as the power source. It is a torque multiplier with three or more epicyclic gears driven by one or two powerful pneumatic motors. The torque is controlled by adjusting the gas pressure. In order to allow specific torque demand setting, each tool is equipped with a special air pressure comparison chart and correction report for torque. And for further application, the pneumatic torque wrench can be matched with the torque sensor at the same time to make the output torque more accurate. After obtaining the required torque, the air supply can be switched off manually or automatically using a suitable loop system.

Before use, Check the tools and sundries that hinder the operation on and near the tire disassembly and assembly machine, and check whether all parts of the machine are normal. When disassembling a tire with a large-scale tire disassembling machine, first completely vent the air in the tire and remove all lead blocks on the steel ring. Before removing the tire, put the tire in the tire extrusion position, rotate the tire repeatedly and operate the extrusion arm to completely separate the tire and the steel ring. During the extrusion process, prevent hands and feet from going deep into the extrusion arm.

Avoid bumping the equipment when moving the tire onto the disassembly and assembly platform. Before stepping on the pedal to lock the steel ring, confirm that there is no foreign matter between the chuck and the steel ring, and it is not allowed to use your fingers to detect whether the steel ring is placed correctly. Before disassembling and assembling the tire, apply lubricant on the inner ring of the tire with a brush. It is forbidden to use mineral oil as lubricant. When picking the tire edge onto the bird's head with a crowbar during the disassembly and assembly of the tire, pay attention to the force direction and strength of the crowbar, and never allow your hand to go deep into the crack. Only after the crowbar is taken out from the side of the tire, can the pedal be stepped down to rotate the chuck and pull the tire out of the steel ring. Before inflating the tire, you should first confirm whether the tire pressure gauge is normal. When inflating, you must pay attention to safety and observe the pressure gauge to avoid personal injury caused by tire overpressure.


Wheel imbalance will cause vibration, reduce vehicle adhesion, wheel runout, and damage the shock absorber and its steering parts. The tire balancer can reduce the vibration of the tire or reduce it to the allowable range, so as to avoid the adverse effects and damage caused thereby.

katool tire balancer has a beautiful appearance, adopts microcomputer control system, key control, and operates quickly. The tire balancer measures the imbalance of both inner and outer sides at the same time, and has a static balance function, which can measure aluminum alloy tires.



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