Choose Car Lift Tool Attention

Choose Car Lift Tool Attention

Car lift is an automobile maintenance machine used in the automobile maintenance industry. Its product nature and quality directly affect the personal safety of maintenance personnel.

2 post car lifts for home garage plays a vital role in vehicle maintenance. It is indispensable for vehicle overhaul or minor maintenance. Among the maintenance enterprises with different scales, almost all need to be equipped with lifting machines, whether it is a comprehensive repair shop that repairs a variety of models, or a street store with a single business scope (such as a tire store).

When purchasing, you must pay attention to: a qualified lift must have reliable and good safety protection measures in the design and manufacturing process:

(1) Select safe and reliable raw materials and processing means;

(2) Design and manufacture various safety protection devices;

(3) The operation control mechanism shall adopt failure protection, that is, any single component and component damage will not cause the vehicle to fall and overturn and other dangerous situations;

(4) Steel wire ropes, chains and connecting ends shall have sufficient safety factors, and necessary damage tests shall be carried out;

(5) The load and 125% overload tests are carried out by means of test methods, which meet the requirements of the national standard of home car lifting equipment ;

(6) It should be tested and recognized by the national authority. After purchase, pay attention to the safety specifications in the daily management of the auto lift and understand the safety operation procedures in lift car:

  1. Before use, remove the appliances and sundries that hinder the operation near the lift car machine, and check whether the operating handle is normal. 2. The operating mechanism is sensitive and effective, and the hydraulic system is not allowed to crawl. 3. When supporting the vehicle, the four supporting angles should be on the same plane, and the height of the rubber pad of the supporting angle should be adjusted to make it contact the supporting part of the vehicle chassis. 4. When supporting the vehicle, the vehicle should not be supported too high, and the four brackets after supporting should be locked. 5. After the vehicle is lifted and driven in, the tool to lift the car support block should be adjusted and moved to align with the specified lifting point of the vehicle. 6. When car in lift, personnel should leave the vehicle. When lifting to the required height, the safety lock pin must be inserted and safe and reliable before starting to work under the vehicle. 7. Except for the basic maintenance and minor repair items, other cumbersome and cumbersome operations are not allowed to operate and repair on the lifter. 8. The car lifter shall not rise and fall frequently. 9. When supporting the car, the machine to lift car should be stable and the landing should be slow. 10. It is forbidden to lift the hoist when someone is working. 11. If the operating mechanism is found to be ineffective, the motor is out of sync, the bracket is uneven or the hydraulic part leaks oil, it should be reported for repair in time, and it is not allowed to operate with disease. 12. After the operation, remove the sundries and clean the area around the car lift to keep the site clean. 13. Regularly (half a year) remove the accumulated water in the lift cylinder and check the oil volume. If the oil volume is insufficient, fill the pressure oil of the same brand in time. At the same time, check the lubrication, hoist transmission gear and seam strip.

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