Car Lift Safty Operation

Safe use skills of 2 post lifting machine

In the process of automobile repair and maintenance, the 2 post car lift is the lifting equipment with the widest range of application and the highest frequency of use. However, if it is not operated safely, it is easy to cause human and vehicle safety accidents. Now I will share with you the safe use skills of autokato lifts.


Check before lifting (1) turn on the power switch, operate all buttons, and require "stop when you leave the button" (the tool to lift the car stops immediately when you leave the button). The slides on both sides should run synchronously to ensure that the lifting vehicle will not tilt, and the arm lock should be able to lock automatically. (2) The rubber pad plays an anti-skid role when lifting the vehicle and must be intact; The steel wire rope shall not be broken or rusted; The safety lock should be sensitive and effective. (3) Oil pipe joints shall be free of oil leakage.

2 lifting operation (1) park the vehicle in the center of the lift. Generally speaking, place the heavier head on the shorter lifting arm. (2) Please lift the vehicle according to the lifting point position specified by the vehicle manufacturer. If necessary, refer to the vehicle operation manual to determine the correct lifting point position. (3) Adjust the boom below the correct lifting point. (4) Adjust the height of the tray so that it contacts the lifting points of the vehicle chassis set. If the standard tray cannot touch the lifting point when lifting the vehicle with a high chassis, it is necessary to use the height bracket (5) Move the tray to the correct lifting point position, lift the vehicle to a place about 10cm away from the ground, and check whether the vehicle support is firm, whether each lifting point position has deviation, and whether the arm lock is automatically locked. If there is a problem, put it back into the vehicle and readjust it, making sure that the vehicle is lifted smoothly. (6) Lift the vehicle to the required height. In order to ensure that the vehicle will not fall suddenly even if the hydraulic system fails, operate the lock button to lock the fuse. Turn off the power switch of the 2 post car lifts for home garage and work under the vehicle. (7) Before lowering the lift, make sure there are no people and objects under the vehicle. Turn on the power switch and operate the lowering button to lower the vehicle to the ground. Pull the boom apart and drive out of the vehicle.

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